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The Human Resource Re-Imagine

What is Human Resources? That is really a very silly name, don’t you think? Human Resources, or HR if you will, sounds cold, distant and truly meaningless. When was the last time you called someone a Human? I don’t get it.

Well, at Fellowship we have or had a Human Resources department. As of today I am changing the name. I am not sure to what yet, but it will no longer be the HR department. It should be something like Staff Services or Employee Services or something more friendly and welcoming.  I have 2 outstanding staff members in our Staff Services department, and they have been a huge part of our “re-imagine” project. My goal is to turn this department from the legal, paper pushing, rule setting, hard nose, only call if you have a question about your insurance department into a truly concerning and wonderful resource.

How are we doing this? Simple - we are offering services people want. We have started a free lunchtime fitness class held by professional trainers. In the near future, we will start having these fitness classes in the morning as well. We have held many free financial planning and training seminars for our staff. We offer onsite staff childcare. We have some huge plans in this “re-imagine” project and really look forward to a complete turn around. The bottom line for us is: our employees are our number one asset!