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Allow me to introduce you to, Geoff Surratt.

Geoff is the Pastor of Campus Development for Seacoast Church in South Carolina. I have had an awesome opportunity to get to know Geoff from our Leadership Network connection with the multi-site conference that we attend. Geoff and Seacoast have been a huge influence in the multi-site initiative, and is paving the way for thousands of other churches in that area. Apparently I had an influence with Geoff on the blogging front, here is his email to me.

Hey Terry, just wanted you to know that you are the reason I’m addicted to blogging. I haven’t slept in the week since I started, but sleep is over rated. Thanks! Geoff

Geoff is an outstanding guy, and I recommend you checking out his blog, Inner Revolution. On another note, blogging at Seacoast has really exploded. Earlier I wrote about Shawn Wood, and the Seacoast blog, and there are a lot of staff now blogging. I even connected with some of Seacoast’s communication team in Chicago that are now blogging. However, they are not really telling anyone about their blogs, so don’t say anything!