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Allow me to introduce you to, Jeff Dowdle.

This is a very interesting introduction. Why? Because I really don’t know Jeff that well. However, this is a great example of the power of a blog, and another reason why I would recommend blogging. I do know however, that Jeff is a very dedicated volunteer at FC, and has made a huge impact in many different ministries. Here is his blog story.

Terry- I just wanted to let you know you got me into blogging. Last December I did a google on the Fellowship Christmas service to see if anyone had written an article on it and how many people attended. Your blog showed up and I thought it was really interesting to be able to read from someone on staff at my church. Then in January you sent out your bloglines subscriptions so I imported those and off I went. I first got my wife blogging because she is the writer in the family but then realized I had a few things to say so I create my blog last month and have been having a blast. -Jeff.

You can visit Jeff’s blog at I hope that you enjoy it!