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Podcasting Gear

The long awaited post about my Podcasting gear... I have not been blowing you guys off, I have just been waiting for all my stuff to come in and to be working properly. Well, I think I am there...almost.

My Podcasting/Mixing Studio
->more pics<-

Alesis MultiMix USB8 (Mixer)
Sony MDR-7506 (Headphones)
M-Audio Studiophile BX8 (Studio Monitors)
Shure SM58 (Microphone)
On-Stage Mic Stand
iMac G5 (master edit system)
Soundtrack Pro (use to create Podcast)
Audacity (use to create mp3)
PowerBook G4 (show notes computer/research)

What’s missing? I need a device to connect to the phone so I can do interviews. And, I need a service that can handle about 30 gig of monthly mp3 traffic.

I hope this is what you were looking for.

PodcastingTerry Storch