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Allow me to introduce you to, Tony McCollum.

Tony is a church planter in Georgia and has a great blog called Churchwerx. I caught wind of Tony and Churchwerx a few months ago when he commented on my blog. Ever since then I have followed him and been a reader of Churchwerx. Here is Tony’s blog story:

Hi Terry, my name is Tony McCollum. I’m a church planter in Georgia and a good friend of Gary Lamb. Please don’t hold either of those things against me though. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that while I have had a blog for a while, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and then when I started reading your blog I got excited about all the possibilities.

Thanks for the great blog, all the cool info AND, most importantly, the inspiration to blog with a purpose and to do it well. Thanks again, Tony

Tony, you are welcome! I am having a blast with and hope that I can continue to motivate, frustrate and inspire others to get in the game.

Reminder: If I had something to do with you starting a blog send me an email, and tell me about it. I would love to introduce you!