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Weekend Review for August 28th

Here is a run down for this past weekend at Fellowship Uptown.

Better Is One Day
I Praise Your Name
No One Like You
Your Love Oh Lord
Humble Plea

Authority Issues, THE “S” WORD
It’s one of the most explosive and misunderstood concepts in the entire Bible—submission. But submission in the marriage is really just half of the equation. In this message by Ed Young, we learn that in order for authority to work in the marriage then both the husband and the wife must model their roles after Christ’s submission to the Father and his sacrifice for his bride—the church.

Summer Picnic Sept, 4th @ 12:30 in Cole Park
Baptism in the park
"Free" CD

779 total attendance

Kid Faith was today, and Pastor Donald did a great job. Many faith decisions were made previously, but here many kids decided to take the baptism step.