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What a Web Site Does

Big Picture#1:
A Web site must do at least one of two things, but probably both:

  • Turn a stranger into a friend, and a friend into a customer.
  • Talk in a tone of voice that persuades people to believe the story you're telling.

Big Picture #2:
A Web site can cause only four things to happen in the moments after someone sees it:

  • She clicks and goes somewhere else you want her to go.
  • She clicks and gives you permission to follow up by email or phone.
  • She clicks and buys something.
  • She tells a friend, either by clicking or by blogging or phoning or talking.

That's it!

Does all this sound good? Sound crazy?

Well, Seth Godin just released his new e-book called Knock Knock. And it's FREE. Don't wait, go get it now.

MarketingTerry Storch