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Rock Star

I love music! If there is one thing that I do regret growing up, it is not paying more attention to music and picking up an instrument. I do come from a great line of musicians, my father is a wonderful musician, my brother is a great musician, and I know that I have it in me, it just has never been tapped. I guess it is never to late.

However, that is not what this post is about...a frustrated could of been musician. I am completely loving the show Rockstar:INXS. It is so much fun. I grew up with all this music, and everything they play I can relate to. The show just rocks! Tonight was great, and for those of you who watch I am a HUGE JD fan. Yes, he is cocky, and arrogant, bla, bla, bla...Who cares, he is a Rock Star.

The show is great, and it is down to the wire now. JD will win, and Marty will come is a close second.

PS- my iPod is going INXS crazy as of late...

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