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Weekend Review for Sept. 18th

Here is the run down for the past weekend at Fellowship Uptown.

All About You
Your Grace Is Enough
Your Were Mine- Dixie Chicks
Fix You- Coldplay

Love Affair, Lessons from the Ledge
The pathway that leads to promiscuity doesn’t end at the edge and the ledge of adultery. There’s a debilitating and destructive fall at the end of that path. In this message, Ed Young teaches us how to take the steps back from the ledge and ultimately discover God’s best for us in both life and love.


862 total attendance

Hands down this was my favorite weekend in Uptown yet. We had a special communion service which was great! The worship set was outstanding, and the message was a home run. If we could only get the high school to fix the A/C in the auditorium life would be great. One would think that the City of Dallas could get an air conditioner fixed in a reasonable about of time.

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