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Secular Music in Church

If anyone has the logic behind secular music in a church setting, I would be very interested to hear more about it. - Eric Jaffe (from a comment)

Now, I am sure this will be another controversial post, but I guess that is normal for me. Let me ask everyone, what is secular music? Or what is Christian music? Hummmm.... you know, it does not exist. There is no such thing as Christian or secular music, there is only Christian or secular lyrics. Now, I believe that you must use great diserment, and common sense (common sense is not common!). I would not endorse playing Love Shack or something like that, but come on. What is wrong with some great "secular" music in church. Nothing in my opinion.

If your church is trying to be relevant or trying to reach a hell bound community or culture then you need to create an environment that will attract and capture their attention. Weaving great worship music and great known secular music is a wonderful way to create a great worship experience. I don't endorse playing secular music or any type of music just to do it; be intentional and on purpose with your music/worship set. I also encourage everyone to be creative and adjust your style for change sake. This weekend we are doing a total acoustic set, and we are playing 2 classic worship songs, and 2 great secular songs. All the songs create a mood and guide the audience in a direction that we are trying to take them.

Did you catch that....don't miss it, it is my final point. Take people where they need to go, not necessarily where they want to go! That has been a huge part of my learnings in the past month or so. Don't quote me, that statement is way to good to be mine.