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The Plan

Isn't is so wonderful when a plan just comes together and falls perfectly into place. Oh, the great feeling. But, what about those times where you have such a perfect vision of what the future holds and the direction, and then Bam!, the plan changes.

If find is so humorous personally in my life when things like this happen and I just struggle with it. I am so flipping hard headed that you would think that all the times that God has shown me His plan is perfect and mine is not that I would learn. Ha, just as recent as 6 weeks ago with my move to Campus Pastor. Wow, you would think that I would learn from that, right. Nope...

You know, God is teaching us things everyday, and I just pray that my heart and mind is completely open. I just don't know why the simple things can be so difficult.

Oh, by the way, don't read too much into this post. No major life changing plans or anything. Just some news today that threw a few lug nuts off, maybe a wheel or so, but I know that God is in control and His plan is so much bigger than mine, and I surrender to it. There is wonderful peace in that fact.

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