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Mark Batterson in the house...

Me, Mark and Brian

BattersonToday rocked! I had an opportunity to hang out with Mark Batterson from National Community Church in DC. Wow, I have talked with Mark on the phone before, and on email, but personally connecting with him was remarkable. Mark is so passionate about life, and God is dong some amazing things through him.

If you are not familiar with Mark or NCC, then you need to be. Also, Mark has started a new venture called GodiPod. I LOVE this idea! Mark shocked me in a huge way, and on our way back from lunch he gave me an GodiPod Nano (picture) loaded with his sermons from NCC, some worship songs from his church, and The Message Bible! I am so fired up to listen to these. Mark, thank you again... And anyone looking to buy an iPod, go to!

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