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High Risk Prayers

High risk prayers equate to big Godly rewards!

Last Wednesday was a lunch of a lifetime! No doubt that God is working in an amazing way at Uptown... Something that is ringing true in my life is high risk prayers. A prayer of staying focused on the main thing, and that God would put people in my life that need Him, and use me to lead them to Him!

Now, you need to know that I have never been very good at personal evangelism. But I am continually reminded that it is not about us! God is in control and will use whoever He needs, no matter how inadequate we are.  Last night my children's pastor Donald and I had a opportunity to lead a 26 year old guy to Christ.

So many great things here, but it really goes back to my prayer, keeping the main thing, the main thing. He filled out a guest registry card 2 weeks ago (his second visit to FC Uptown). I called him back and we played phone tag for over a week. However, I did not give up; I kept calling him and finally the following Sunday he came up to me and introduced himself. He was in a hurry, but we decided to grab dinner and talk! So, last night, Thursday we meet for dinner and the rest is history.

Are you praying the high risk prayers? They will change you life if you make yourself available!