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Weekend Review for Oct. 16th

Here is the run down for the past weekend at Fellowship Uptown.

Fields of Grace
I Am Free
All My Praise
Come To Jesus
History Maker

Love Affair, Forever Faithful
In this concluding message, Ed Young highlights the powerful Love Affair series. These highlights are the keys to living a life of faithfulness and experiencing a forever love affair.

New Creative Marriage book by Ed and Lisa Young
Newcomers Class

822 Total Attendance

Today, I had the outstanding opportunity to see church with "Fresh Eyes". In the past two weeks God has used me lead two individuals *  *  into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Both were at Uptown this weekend. One brought his wife, and neither have EVER been to church before. Wow! Have you ever walked into your church and looked at everything with those types of eyes? Makes you ask the question "Why do we do that?" Also, the other individual joined Fellowship Uptown today in our Newcomers Class, he signed up to be Baptized next weekend and to volunteer in children's ministry. It was an awesome weekend!

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