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Weekend Review for Oct. 23rd

Here is the run down for the past weekend at Fellowship Uptown.

Faithful- Foreign Oren
Marvelous Light
Not To Us
How Great Is Our God
One Pure and Holy Passion
"Unknown!"- Foreign Oren

Between the roar of rush hour traffic, the buzz of airplanes overhead and the constant ringing of the telephone, it’s amazing that we can hear our own thoughts—much less the voice of God when He calls out to us. In this special message, Tianne Moon shows us how to drown out the White Noise and listen to the one true voice that matters.

Next Weekend- Ed Young and Drayton McLean (owner of Houston Astros)
Time Change next weekend
Baptism after service
Foreign Oren in concert next Sunday night!

802 Total Attendance

I love baptism. This weekend was great because of that, and also I had an opportunity to baptize someone that I lead to Christ a few weeks ago! Ed was at Uptown during the second service, that was a lot of fun...However, it was very strange being on stage with him, quite intimidating to say the least. This weekend I got a wild hair and announced a Foreign Oren concert next Sunday night at 7:00. The great part was they played on of their brand new songs to close the service. I know that I am bias, but these guys are amazing! Check out their website here.