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Thank you sir, may I have another?

Feedback is a critical part of our lives. We experience feedback when we touch a hot stove or sip coffee, the pain or sensation we experience tells us something important. Same with feedback from a new iPhone screen, press and hold, and you get feedback that offers information. Other types of feedback would be personal or professional feedback.  Maybe you have a service that comes and cleans your home or mows your yard and they are not doing a great job, you need to offer them feedback to get the results that you expect. Maybe your kids woke up on the wrong side of the bed and needed some feedback about their attitudes. Offering feedback is critical. But, when it comes to receiving feedback sometimes it can be a little more challenging, it might rub us the wrong way. Does this happen to you? Have you received some feedback that may have struck a nerve, maybe you got your toes stepped on, or your feelings hurt? It happens! Something I have been working on, and recommend you do as well is shifting your mindset when it comes to feedback. Adjust your mindset away from feedback being negative and recognize that feedback is a gift. With this mindset adjustment, I find it necessary to understand all feedback isn't created equal. Some are more valuable than others, but all of it is important.

Let me close with this: Thank you, Anthony. This last week Anthony, a friend and reader of this email, had the courage to reply to my email and offer me some feedback. Anthony was very complimentary of this dispatch and the impact it has on his life, but then stepped out and let me know my grammar and writing is often subpar. So much so, Anthony shared it was distracting, and then he offered an excellent tip...a free online service called Grammerly. I am very thankful for Anthony and his feedback. I know my writing and grammar are weak, and I am now using the service and working to improve!

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