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What's one thing you read or learned this week you are inspired by?


We use a tool called 15Five, and I love it! You can learn more here, I highly recommend it if you lead a small, medium, or large team - or even an organization. 15Five helps you as a leader or manager keep a strong pulse on what's going on in your organization, and most importantly with your people. Every week, 15Five fires off a set of questions that every team member responds to. One of my favorites is:

What's one thing you read or learned this week you are inspired by?

For me, there are so many reasons this question is great. It gives so much insight on what people are reading...what they are learning...and what is feeding them regularly. It also gives you as a leader or manager the insight on what inspires them, and why.

This past week I encountered a few different times when I found myself encouraging and stressing the importance of learning. In a mentoring session I challenged my mentee to bust out of his comfort zone of church leadership podcasts. There is NOTHING wrong with great Christian leadership podcasts - however, if we only have one type of voice entering our thinking we can grow stale and not gain a broader perspective. My mentee was trying to get some new and fresh ideas for growth with his team and department...so, I recommended him listen and follow Gary Vaynerchuck. Gary is all about growth. Gary knows how to hustle and think different. Gary will CHALLENGE the way you think. You know what happened? I got this text later that afternoon.

The Gary V interview on EntreLeadership has already blown my mind.  I have ideas to implement and put legs to! Thank you for the recommendation!

Expand your inputs. Read something different. Subscribe to different podcasts. Find new sources of news and articles that help you think differently.

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