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Approaching the end of the first quarter and I can only say WOW! I can not believe that it was nearly three months ago that we launched the site God is working in an amazing way through this site: Just wanted to give you guys some feedback on Creative Pastors. We kicked off our first week of Tri-God this last weekend. It was "over the top!" The Creative Pastor's kit took us to a whole new level in our Worship Service. People could not stop talking about it. I felt like I saw the future for The Springs at Total Access. Now, thanks to Creative Pastors our people have experienced it. No turning back for The Springs.

We just rolled out the Just Lust series @ The Springs last weekend. We did a 40,000 piece mailer and billboard for the series. We increased 400 people over the previous weekend! Just Lust is the buzz of Ocala. The only challenge is we can't go backwards from the quality. So we're going to have to run Fellowship series for the rest of the year. Keep them coming! -Ron

Amazing stuff. I can not wait to see what God has in store for CP this next quarter!

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