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Social Networking meets its Creator

Social Networking is currently getting a lot of hype. Man, it was the talk of the SXSW conference that I just returned from, sessions held about it, software vendors pushing it, and "innovators" talking about it. After listening too many of the speakers and "innovators" I have come to realize that once again the Christian community is way behind (maybe even in the dark). Here is what I don't understand: God created us for community, He created us to connect with Him (Worship). Why is it that I do not hear anyone in the Christian community talking about Social Networking? Guys, we better get on this bandwagon, embrace the ultimate power of the web and start connecting people to the local church through technology! There are a lot of ways to get connected on the web today, some good, some bad, but the fact is there is no better place to connect with then the LOCAL CHURCH!

Imagine what God could do with this! The connecting power of the Internet meets the connecting power of the Dynamic church. I can not stop thinking about this; my mind is racing with the endless possibilities! God, you can count Fellowship in, I am praying for a "revolution"; you know we all want to change the world!

Web/TechTerry Storch