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Return on Ministry?

Today is a very exiting day. It marks the day that I have decided to write my first book! (Hopefully not the last). Return on Ministry (ROM). You might be saying... what? Yes, return on ministry is real, and better yet it can be quantified and measured. This is by no means anything new. Corporations and businesses have been measuring Return on Investment (ROI) for years. However, the problem with ROI is it is all about the bottom line, the money. In ministry I have not been able to use the traditional ROI models because ministry does not drive down to money.

I write all of this for only one reason, prayer. I am going to be co-writing this book with a good friend of mine and a great business mind, Jeff Hook. Jeff is the President/CEO of Fellowship Technologies a company focused on "Accelerating the Dynamic Church." Please be in prayer for Jeff and I. Our passion and desire for this book is simple, helping others in ministry.

One thing is for sure, only God knows how this is going to turn out. Frankly I really need Him on this, I really don't even like to write!

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