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Blackberry (Tool or Toy?)

After using the Blackberry for more that a month I am ready to write my review. It is simple… Thumbs UP, truly a great business tool! I can say that the Blackberry is the best technology device that I have used in quite some time. Being as mobile as I am, the Blackberry allows me to stay connected and productive from wherever I may roam. I find that I use the BBerry anytime that I have downtime to answer email, check my calendar and communicate with my staff.

Pros: Integrated with MS Exchange Easy to use interface Always connected to GPRS network Easy to use thumb keyboard Great battery life Large viewable screen 1 device!

Cons: Not Bluetooth capable No camera

(I use the Blackberry 7780 with Cingular Wireless service connected to MS Exchange Server via Blackberry Enterprise Server)

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