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Processor vs. Process

Today we are seeing some of the fastest computers ever. The new Apple Duel G5, the Intel P4 3.6, Zeon this, Alpha that and AMD, bla, bla, bla… wow there is some speed. With all this speed, and all the new techno tools being developed for the speed the question is, is it making things faster? I have found mostly that tech people will tell you yes, things are faster than ever. However, I think that we have a major problem in the church as well as in the business world. I see many people and ministries trying to solve a bigger problem with a “processor.” They are trying to fix a bad “process” with technology. This is a very scary situation, and it can lead to many wasted dollars as well as a ton of wasted time and efforts. Let me talk about how this will play out in the church world…

Let’s look at the simple challenge of checking in children for church. Pastors or leaders will come out and see that we have a line of parents trying to check in their children. “Problem”, people have to wait too long in line. ‘Solution” in the pastor or leaders mind, more check in machines, or more check in volunteers. Well, might sound like a great solution, but here is the issue. It is kind of like practicing medicine. You never want to medicate the symptom; you want to address the problem. In this situation, the symptom to a bad process was parents waiting in line. What truly needs to happen is we need to ask ourselves “What is the TRUE issue”? We need to get to the ROOT of the issue or problem and not the symptom.

Why is this hard? Because it is very easy to say, yeah, we need another server. Or, yep let’s buy another computer. Or, yeah, that volunteer is slow. Many times I find this to be the lazy way. Medicate the symptom. It is much harder to take a step back and find the core issue.

I will flat out say that the greatest and fastest technology will not solve a bad process. Technology can surely help, however the process must be addressed. Step back, look at the symptom and ask yourself, what is causing it? Many times you will find that there are many things that will lead you to the ROOT of the problem. Some times you will even find that you need an better “processor” for the job.