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IDEA: Strengths Based Schools System

Today I had lunch with several friends of mine, both who work for a large public school district and one of them is the CTO. We were discussing some technical topics that addressed a few of the public school challenges they face. Their issues are a little different because their district is a lower income district. This lunch brought about a very interesting idea. The idea got started as I recalled the few teachers that I particularly liked. These teachers had an amazing way of capturing my attention because they taught in a way that entertained me. Because of this, I actually learned in their classroom. (This did not happen often.) If you are not aware of the “Strengths Based” model, here is a very high level background: the strengths based model teaches that we all have our God given strengths. Once we identify what those are we need to focus on them, sharpen them and stay focused on our strengths. Focusing on our strengths will lead us to top performance in whatever we do that utilizes those strenghts. For further details pick up a copy of Now, Discover Your Strengths.

For the Strengths Based School System to work, the entire district would buy into the concept of strengths based management and leadership. Secondly, all teachers would be profiled based on their strengths and their core teaching style. (Teaching style is very important because all students learn differently.) Then your entire curriculum is also categorized by learning styles. Next, you would profile all students for their strengths and their learning style. Once the profiles are established you now have the “learning profile” for a student.

Once the teacher’s, curriculum and students profiles are established correctly, everything becomes dynamic. Your students are placed into classrooms based on their learning style matching with a teacher teaching style and curriculum. The classroom setting, assignments and even homework are now fun and exiting because the students are “engaged”. With engaged administrators, teachers and students you will truly have a REVOLUTION on your hands.

On a side note, I highly recommend Now, Discover you Strengths. This book is incredible. If you are in any form of management, pick up the first book as well, First break all the Rules.