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The Crips and The Bloods

In 1988, a film called "Colors" was released. This film was about L.A. street gangs as seen through the eyes of the LAPD represented a serious effort to throw some light on the appalling carnage of that world in which, for example, 400 gang bangers were killed in 1987. You might be asking, what on earth is he talking about? "Colors", the Crips and Bloods, LA Gangs from the 80's... come on Terry. You might not be aware of it, but similar types of casualties and carnage is running ramped in our churches and corporations today. These organizations are dealing with their own TURF WARS that lead to verbal slayings, vicious back stabbing and massive amounts of frustration. Staff members and employees throughout these organizations are building their own internal gangs without even knowing it. Yes, without even knowing it. It starts out very simple, ME focused. The ME focused person with a ME focused attitude can create a ME focused gang, taking over an entire department in no time at all. This ME focused department will then inevitably start to defend their ME focused TURF.

I have seen and heard about it all too often, entire departments that have their own agendas, their own focus and their own plans. This is a destructive path that will inevitably lead to major carnage. If you are in a key leadership role, and struggle with this, tap into a great resource. I highly recommend the book "The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team" by Patrick Lencioni. It's easy to read, easy to remember, and most importantly, the principles are right on.


Maybe you're not a key leader, but are truly a key contributor and thinking that, yea, I am in one of those departments. Or, man Terry you hit the nail on the head, I work in an organization with one of those departments. Or, if you are totally honest with yourself, you might discover that you are that ME focused one. (We all have a little ME focused in us!)

If you are that ME focused person, or are in that ME focused department remember one simple principal, it's not about you. You and I are a part of a much bigger thing. No matter the size of your church or organization I can promise you something, it will function without you.

LeadershipTerry Storch