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Mega-Church Conference

I am just returning from Atlanta, Ga. where the biannual mega-church conference was held. The "mega-church" conference was started nearly 4 years ago by Southeast Christian Church, and the purpose was for Executive Pastors of these large churches to get together and talk about issues that they were facing and helping each other. The churches in attendance this time are as follows: Bellevue Baptist Church Centre Street Church Cherry Hills Community Church Christ Fellowship Church of the Resurrection Fellowship Church Northpoint Community Church Saddleback Church Southeast Christian Church Southland Christian Church Willowcreek Community Church

This year at the conference three different groups were represented: Executive Pastors, IT Directors, and Pastoral Care. Since my role is very broad at Fellowship, and our CFO was not able to make it, I had the opportunity to join the Executive Pastors and my IT Director joined the techies. The wealth of knowledge that was accessible to me was astonishing. Truly a humbling experience! "Best and Worst Practices" was the topic for the meeting and here is a touch of what was discussed by the Executive group:

Some of the Best Practices: Great Environments for the unchurched Turning on a dime High level of leadership trust Using Technology Effectively Creativity

Some of the Worst Practices: Organizational Communication Longer term Planning and Strategizing Family Friendly Environments Staff Development Celebrating the Victories