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The Circle of Certain Uncertainty

Recently a major part of my daily life has been filled with uncertainty. I have been struggling to find clarity on many decisions that must be made concerning the direction of Fellowship Church. As many of you know, FC is embarking on multiple remote satellite campuses as well as many other huge projects. Pressure is building, deadlines are coming and uncertainty has engulfed me. I find myself often lost in my own thoughts. Can you relate? Do you ever feel like all you are doing is thinking and planning, but the event you are planning for has no date? This is the circle of certain uncertainty. I often feel like I have been cursed with two of my strengths (Strategy & Futuristic). How did that happen? Those are nearly polar opposite! I am trying to strategically plan for the unknown, it is like trying to organize air. On one side I am detail oriented, planning out very meticulously = strategic! On the other I am vision casting, seeing the unseen and driving myself to the edge = futuristic!

This stage that I have found myself in has truly challenged my leadership skills, my self-esteem and even self-worth. Why can I not become certain? Why is there no clarity?

After all the questions, after the mental tennis matches that finished 8-6 in the fifth set (1980 Wimbledon reference) God has reminded me of many simple leadership principles. Here are the thoughts that I jotted down tonight:

First, I know that Satan is master of confusion. I know that many times uncertainty is merely disguised as confusion. Satan will use uncertainty to push leaders into not making any decisions. This is truly the most destructive state to be in. Once complacency has set in, Satan has his foothold.

There are three things to remember about Uncertainty:

Uncertainty is good. Don't allow it to misguide you, use uncertainty to get you back to the basics. We need to use it to motivate us to lean on God, to ask him to give clarity and insight. (1-Use uncertainty to drive you into a daily quiet time with God)

Lead through uncertainty. Lead with vision, lead with execution, lead with deliberate decision making. (2-Use uncertainty to force deliberate decision making)

Take control of uncertainty. Uncertainty is like an untrained race horse. If you allow it to do so, it will run wild. However if you grab a hold of the reigns, guide and direct it, you will ride your way to the winners circle. (3-Use uncertainty to drive you out of your comfort zone)