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All aboard... next stop for Fellowship Church: Plano, Texas.

Plano_front_newToday is a very exiting day, it is the official announcement that Fellowship will be opening a satellite campus in Plano. We have been talking, researching and praying about the next phase for FC for quite some time, and have now decided to launch our first satellite campus.

FC Plano is located off of Central Expressway between Spring Creek and Legacy. You might be asking, what does satellite mean? Well, FC Plano will be the full meal deal. We will launch with preschool, children's, and student ministries, as well as adult classes and Home Teams. The weekend praise and worship will be conducted live, lead by a local worship team and the sermon will be shown via video. The sermon will be the exact same message that Ed is preaching in Grapevine, just shown via our HD (high definition) video feed.

I am so excited about this. The Plano campus gives Fellowship an opportunity to reach thousands and thousands of people that would not normally be willing to make the drive into Grapevine.

Stay tuned for where the next stop may be... we are actively looking in the downtown/uptown Dallas area, as well as the Alliance area. Who knows, we could be launching a Fellowship near you, no matter where you are reading this from.

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