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CEO v2.0

While flying to Houston for a conference, a coworker handed me the latest American Way magazine. In the magazine had a wonderful article about the field guide to the new CEO. I thought this was great stuff... here is the cliff notes.---------------------------------------- Today, “You are seeing many fewer ‘celebrity’ CEOs,” Nosal says, adding that the 21st-century CEO may be best characterized by “invisibility. You could be sitting next to one on this plane right now and never know it.”

This field guide to the new CEO can not only help you identify CEOs in their natural environments, but also determine whether you have the goods yourself.

Identifying Trait No. 1: HUMBLE. Identifying Trait No. 2: INCLUSIVE. Identifying Trait No. 3: BROAD-MINDED. Identifying Trait No. 4: INTIMATE. Identifying Trait No. 5: VALUES-ORIENTED. Identifying Trait No. 6: EMPATHETIC. Identifying Trait No. 7: ABSOLUTELY HONEST.

Link to entire article!

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