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iMac G5: Sing Praise, Sing Praise, Sing Praise!

Dsc00574Today when my wife called before lunch I could feel it, it was in the air. "Honey, I have exciting news." I knew when the caller ID lit up, and it was confirmed with the first words out of her mouth. The iMac G5 was here!

Well, here it goes. The complete review of the iMac G5 as I see it.

The new iMac G5 is the finest, cleanest and most stunning personal computer that I have ever used. Truly, if you have every considered or thought about making the switch from PC to Mac, this is the reason. Need I say more?

- Beautiful Design - Unbeatable operating system - Bright and vibrant 20" screen - Perfectly balanced monitor and stable foundation. - Quite. - 1 Power Cord!!! Everything else is Bluetooth or 802.11. - Fast, G5 with up to 2 gig ram.

Stunning, truly stunning.

Web/TechTerry Storch