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The power of the tude!

Attitude is contagious!
What attitude is spreading in your organization?

From Tom...
Hire/Promote those with ... Sunny Dispositions.
Fire those with perpetually ... Gloomy Dispositions.

(Hint: The farther Up the Organization you go, the more important this gets.)

(Rule: Leaders are not permitted to have "bad days" ... especially on Bad Days!)
(Rule: One Sad Dog can Infect a group of 100.)
(Rule: One Energetic, Optimistic, Sunny Soul can motivate an Army to Move a Mountain.)

Church work is very hard! The last thing that you need in your team or in your church staff is gloomy, negative people. Get them out and get them out now! We take this very seriously at FC, I hope you do as well.

LeadershipTerry Storch