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Its here, its here, Wimax is here.

A high-speed wireless network designed to cover most of downtown Seattle is set to rollout with the help of service provider Speakeasy. According to a company spokesman, Seattle was chosen as its first test market because of its geographic challenges, including steep hills and Puget Sound. If successful, the company plans to introduce similar WiMax networks in other cities.

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This is huge. There has been a lot of talk, maybe, maybe too much talk about Wimax, but here it is. I am anxiously awaiting this rollout, and hope that it is very successful. Looking at Speakeasy's network, it would make sense that they would roll this out to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C, and New York, however, that it totally my speculation.

Not familiar with Wimax? Click here for definition, meaning and explanation.

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