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Traditional Radio becoming Irrelevant?

Recently I wrote a short piece on not perfecting the irrelevant. This might be a little of a stretch, but after reading a Sr. VP from Susquehanna Radio's comment I am going to say that these old school "radio guys" could become irrelevant if they don't get their act together.

What am I talking about you might be saying? Well check out Peter Davidson's post and Dan Halyburton's comments.


Dan, buddy you are living in the past. I am sorry, but I think you are the clueless one. Technology is changing everything, and it will only continue to change our habits. As technology gets easier and easier there will be more and more change coming. Smart, creative, resourceful, and adaptable?  I don't doubt that one bit, but I think there is a ton of creative stuff that you guys could be doing that you are not. The Dallas Radio Market is horrible, and you guys could completely dominate if you break out of the "old school ways." Wake up, perfect it now before traditional radio becomes irrelevant!