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52 Leadership Tips- #5

Protect your Vision

My leader, Ed Young, talks about this all the time. The viscous vision vandals. As a leader you know what I am talking about. The people in your life that are always negative and attacking your vision or your plan. These people can get you off track in an instant!  I truly believe that we all have people in our lives that are vision vandals. They are sneaky creatures that can derail our lives if we don't protect against it.

These Vision Vandals look different to all of us. In corporate America it might be that board member that has his or her own agenda. And because of that agenda she will push and push and get other board members on her side and take over the company. Pushing the leader and his vision out, and bringing in a puppet that will live out the new
agenda based plan. The church is no different! Yes, I said it the church is no different. The vision vandals hammer church leaders all the time. Or, it might be that someone in your life that is the negative, venom spewing acquaintance that beats you into mental submission.

Please, please do not let the vision vandals run or ruin your life. Leaders, guard your vision and protect it with great vigor!