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Content is King in 2005.

Todd, thanks for the heads up on this article.

Tom Barnes at MediaThink lays out a wonderful article! Here are some of the highlights, but you can not miss this.

In 2004 a number of key thresholds were crossed that will profoundly affect all of media in 2005:

    * Over 50% of web users are using broadband.
    * More spam was sent than legitimate email .
    * 18-54 year olds would rather be online than use traditional media.
    * Most importantly, in 2004 consumers paid more for media content than advertisers did. This trend will not reverse, and will send traditional media back to the drawing board, back to Washington, and back to the negotiating table.

Movie business up!
DVD sales are blowing out every expectation with over $16 billion this year in revenue. Sensible pricing is driving sweet profits. Consider this: It takes $20-50 million to make a movie that can sell for 15 bucks. How come a record that takes $1 million to make costs the consumer the same 15 dollars?

U2 established the business model that matters.

2005 will be the year of the blog!

Don't miss this article. Click here to read.

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