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Click-and-Mortar= Google?

As has been reported quite widely, Google has begun a massive digitization project with five libraries:

    * Stanford University (all 8M)
    * University of Michigan (all 7M)
    * Harvard University (pilot of 40,000 out of 15M)
    * New York Public Library (pilot; expand to 20M)
    * Oxford's Bodleian Library (1M public domain)

The total covered by existing agreements is said to be 15 million. Each is estimated to cost $10 to scan. Stanford's scanning unit is said to be able to do 100,000 pages a day. Oxford's scanning unit is said to be able to do 10,000 books per week. The University of Michigan says the project will take six years.

Google Print looks to change the print industry as we know it!

GoogleTerry Storch