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Magazine Subscriptions... Hum?

Todd wrote a very thought provoking article about his troubles with magazine subscriptions. Frankly, I don't have this problem because I don't like or read magazines. However, even thought I don't read or like magazines I still see a huge opportunity in this space...and if you have followed my blog then you know that my favorite company is Google. Google and Magazines, what a beautiful marriage. Wouldn't you agree.

Well, I must of some how missed this one, but Google has Google Catalogs. Wow, this is awesome. Every Catalog that I looked for I found. Best of all, these catalogs are now searchable. 6,600 catalogs searchable within seconds.

Todd, just think...your magazines could be archived and searchable on Google. Now that would be great. Check out Google Catalog, this is really cool.

GoogleTerry Storch