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Customer Service: How Can it Improve?

My brother Todd is starting a great new feature this week where he asks the question, Customer Service: How Can it Improve?

He is featuring some great authors for the week. Here's the line up for the week:

Monday:         Jon Strande at Business Evolutionist
Tuesday:        Brendon Connelly at Slacker Manager
Wednesday:   Rosa Say at Talking Story
Thursday:       Terry at Fellowship Church
Friday:           Rosemary and Dave Rothacker at Wiz Speak (2 posts to close out the week!)

I stay tuned into most of these people's blogs, and I tell ya, I feel a little like fish out of water. (If you are not reading their stuff you should, they are great!)

I am very exited to see what others write about. Mine is not so much about how customer service can improve, its more about how important it can be!

You don't want to miss this! Stay tuned at