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52 Leadership Tips- #9

Inspection Time

A quote that we say often around Fellowship is "People do what you inspect, not what your expect." I would give credit to who said it, but frankly I don't remember where or who we got it from. But I do know this, it is true in most cases.

Inspection time must come, and come often. There are many benefits to an inspection that  are very obvious, however, there are some you might not be thinking of. The biggest is managing expectations. If you inspect often you will always pick up on if your teams expectations are not in line with yours.  This is huge if you want your team to be successful. If they don't know what is expected from them, then how can they succeed?

Inspection time... it must come, but don't micro-manage.
  Micro-managing is very tempting when you become a great inspector, but don't fall to the temptation. Stay well balanced and let your team produce for you.