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Jeff Hook, What's Working for You?

Jeff Hook is the President and CEO for Fellowship Technologies. I have known Jeff for many years and am constantly blown away by his visionary leadership and innovative style. Jeff has a long and very distinguished resume including executive leadership for big 5 consulting, Oracle and i2. To learn more about Jeff and Fellowship Technologies visit


When Terry asked me to write about what is working at Fellowship Technologies, I thought of so many things that are currently working.  I also thought about what is not working, and what has not worked in the past from when we started this company a little over a year ago.  After narrowing the list down to the top three, I concluded that the top thing that really works is hiring people who have a passion for what they are doing.  For Fellowship Technologies it ends up being a passion for the Church (the overall Body of Christ, not one individual church) and a passion for taking technology to the Church.

As a corollary to the earlier post about authenticity, how customers see through to your core, to see whether a person truly believes what they are saying to be true, can be a function of the passion inherent in the topic.  This passion can contribute to the discernment of whether what a person says is truly authentic.  Furthermore, passion exudes confidence.  If a person is authentic and passionate, the believability of a position or statement is exponentially greater.

Passion is contagious.  With passion comes an excitement that energizes an entire group of people beyond themselves towards a higher purpose.  And everyone wants to be part of something that has a higher calling and that makes a difference.  Passion provides the energy for a group to move beyond status quo.  It helps a team rally beyond an individual‘s selfish agenda and focus on the group’s end goal.

Foremost, passion is not something you can force.  Passion is present when you are motivated to do something because the desire to do whatever is innate.  The intensified desire fuels you past the bumps in the road that can accompany change.  Hitting barriers to success can slow down your progress like hitting speed bumps in your car.  Passion helps you glide over the speed bumps so they do not slow down the desire for the end result.

If you do not have passion in your life, ask yourself why?  If you cannot get passionate about what you are currently doing, do something else.  You aren’t getting any younger!  Life without passion is mediocrity.  God did not make us to live lives of mediocrity.  God made us all for a purpose and when you find your purpose, you will be energized; you will be excited to get up every morning to see what the next step of the journey God has in store for you!  Find your passion, it is out there somewhere!

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