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SxSW: Ana Marie Cox

Wonkette_picAna Marie Cox, Editor Wonkette
Interviewed by Evan Smith, Texas Monthly

Wow, as I walked up I noticed that there was a few extra rooms and the lobby set up for overflow with 6 cameras, portable lighting rigs, 2 producers, 1 director and many ISO decks for recording. What is the draw??? Who is this Ana Marie? Gladwell did not get anything like this. Maybe they could not afford all the gear since he commands $55k per speech. Who knows.

If you don’t know, Ana Marie Cox is 32 years old, married to an editor of New York magazine, writer for Wonkette blog, currently on CNN and before her current project Wonkette she was just another writer in the blogosphier. Ana openly states her cyber liberalism! She make it clear that she voted for John Kerry in 2004, and in 2000 she voted for Ralph Nader. Voting for Nader got her some boo’s from the liberal audience.

So, what was the draw? Well, Ana was a good speaker and since she is an open liberal she had a natural draw with this SxSW audience. Ana was very funny and witty and very “off color”. I am sure that was also a huge draw for this crowd.

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