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SxSW: Future of Podcasting

Stephen Dulaney, CEO SocialDynamX [link] [link]
Matt May, Web Accessibility Specialist W3C/WAI [link] [link]
Henery Jones, CEO Intersect Tech Consulting (panel host/interviewer)
Tom Parish, Founder 4 Web Results [link] [link]
Dannie Gregoire, President Podcast Networks

Definition of podcast: [link]

The panel was good, laced with seasoned veterans from the podcasting world. For those of you who know what podcasting is, then you found the humor in the “seasoned veteran” comment when it comes to podcasting. Since podcasting actually got started less that 6 months ago it does not take much to be a veteran.  I found that most people in the session had blogs but very few people actually were podcasting! However, the buzz in the room was heavy and most people wanted to know how to get started.

The overall consensus of the group was podcasting is here to stay. They all agreed that we are still in the early adopter stage and the “tipping point” is still to come.  The question was asked “what will we be talking about at SxSW next year in the podcasting realm?” Here is there answers:

    >We will be talking about how wireless iPods changed podcasting. -Matt May

    >We will be thankful for our alarm clocks that have RSS feeds connected to the web. -Stephen Dulaney

    >Wireless is where it is at. Who cares if it is 3g, 802.x or Wimax. The platform is irrelevant. -Tom Parish

    >Wireless, wireless, wireless! It needs to be personal wireless distribution. When users can share there content within the player hardware itself. Like iTunes sharing built into the device. - Dannnie Gregorie

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