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Fellowship on the Microsoft Watch List!

Microsoft_outside_sign03Let me just say that information moves at lighting fast speed. Just minutes after I posted about Fellowship moving off of .NET to PHP  Brian and I got a great email from a Microsoft Project manager and Scoble chimed in on comments. The Internet makes the world very small.

I do want to say to everyone that we love Microsoft .NET. It is a great development environment that is no doubt "enterprise" ready. Fellowship had some very difficult decisions to make and did not make this decision without a ton of research! However, I am going to send this shout out to Brian. Brian...will you do a post about why we made the switch?? I don't know how politically blog correct that just was, but Brian will be much better at answering the question of why the switch.

On another note. Charlie at Microsoft sent me a link showing off the Media Center solution. Wow, this is very cool.

Check out Media center over at

Scoble...channel9 guy rocks! Keep up the great work.

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