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Channel9 gave me a vision for Apple.

Apple_blue_logoAfter watching the Channel9 video on Media Center I had a beautiful vision. This vision was crystal clear. It was the vision of Apple buying Tivo. Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft Media Center looked very cool (I have not seen it in person yet) but Apple makes things so simple, and so beautiful, one thing that Microsoft has not figured out yet.

Did you catch the vision? Think about this... iTunes is the center of all of your media. iTunes connects wirelessly to each of your Tivos over a 5.8 wireless network (just like if you have Airtunes). iTunes can manage your music, your pictures, your TV, your radio. iTunes will manage everything. Also, your iPod can carry video media. Just plug it into your PC or your Mac via USB or Firewire and watch your TV shows or Movies on your computer, or if you have iPod photo, you can watch your movie directly on the device.

Think about this, within your iTunes you can purchase videos, movies, etc. Want to watch the first season of Seinfield, just open iTunes and buy it, then watch it on your Apple Tivo. Or, how about this. iTunes will also become your Netflix replacement. Right in the interface you can manage your DVD que and rent your movies right from Apple.  The more I type, the clearer the vision. Wow, I love this.

Steve (Jobs), this the call out. Come on, with the new Quicktime 7 with H.264 built in you are ready for HD video distribution. Steve, Apple needs a way to get to the mass home, and this is your ticket. People need to experience the greatness of Apple and this would be a great way to penetrate the US home. Just think of the content distribution for Pixar! This is a no brainer. Steve just send me an email if you want me to fly out to California and white board this out.

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