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Microsoft going after Blackberry!

Win_mobile_2005Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Mobile upgrade, code-named Magneto, isdesigned to be a Blackberry killer, said sources familiar with the ambitious plan. [Internet week]

The CrackBerry’s pretty entrenched, but Microsoft knows a thing or two about dislodging a market-dominating competitor, and so will be reviving a familiar tactic: to compete with RIM’s server product they’re going to be giving away their Exchange 2003 Server Pack 2 update, which adds support for push, for free. [engadget]

Ok, here is my issue with all of this. I am a huge Blackberry fan. I currently use the Blackberry 7290 and absolutely love it. Why do I love it? Simple, it just works. Every Windows mobile device that I have every touched or used did not work right. They look good, they look very promising, but they always fall short of the promise. Maybe Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 will be different, but I am not banking on it. One of the reasons I really think the Blackberry is so good, is because it is the whole package. The hardware and software. Just like the Mac. When you can control the hardware and software together you can offer a much more stable device.

However, I am a little intrigued since the server side will be free! I might have to try one.

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