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52 Leadership Tips- #20

Empower your team

Leaders must empower.
        =>Pass the torch.
             =>Set the expectation.
                =>Assist if you are asked
            =>Guide as you see fit.
        =>Critique and coach along the way.

Why do we make this simple principal so difficult? Pride? Insecurity? Uncertainty? Fear? Ignorance? I understand and can relate to some of those. Every leader at one point has faced or struggled with them, but do not let them get in your way.

This afternoon I am having my own empowerment meeting. I have personally seen something go on way too long, and I am having a meeting to “empower” one of my teams to do something about it.  They will not have an option, they will take ownership! I am confident that they will do a wonderful job being empowered.

Who do you need to empower today?

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