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Total Access Conclusion

Total Access came to a close today and I can say that it was great. I think that this was one of the best groups yet. We had a full group of 12 senior pastors and their wives. Wow, this was a very dynamic and diverse group.

As I posted on Monday, the authentic sharing that goes on at Total Access is outstanding. I really think that I learn as much as the pastors that come because of their outstanding questions. Questions, questions, questions. I really think that every one of these pastors must of been at C3 this year. At C3 Ed talked about asking questions: ask the right questions to the right people to get the right answers. These guys had questioning down, they were pros! I give my props to these pastors, they were great.

Total Access is one of my favorite times during the year, but I am wiped out! I guess the questions after 4 days gave me total tired head. However, I have over 5 months to recover. The next Total Access is not until Sept 17. On another note, it was cool to here how many of the pastors read my pressure! :)