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52 Leadership Tips #-23

Authentic Sharing

I was again reminded of the importance of authentic sharing because I am in the middle of our Total Access conference. Total Access is just that, authentic sharing. You spend 3 full days with Ed and the executive team of FC. The total access pastors are exposed to the complete behind the scenes of all areas of FC. They have total access to our executive team meeting, creative team meetings and any staff that they chose to talk with (read some testimonies). Total Access is one of my favorite times of the year because of the openness that fosters authentic sharing.

In my opinion, authentic sharing leads to outstanding learning. Just as Tim Sanders talks about in his book Love is the Killer App, you must open your address book and give away information generously. As we look into his book, here are 5 things to remember about authentic sharing.

    You’ll build an outstanding brand.
    You’ll create an experience.
    You’ll get access to people’s attention.
    You’ll harness the power of positive presumption.
    You’ll receive exceptional feedback.

Great leaders must be people of impact! When leaders have built an outstanding brand, and created unforgettable “wow” experiences you will get people’s attention. By doing that, you will receive exceptional feedback. When committed to authentic sharing you will truly be amazed at the impact that you can make. Open your address book, open your meetings and open you mind and become authentic with your sharing. But do it with an open heart and without any expectation of a return... you will be amazed by the impact you can make.

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