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A movement

Np_thread250 Today completed our current sermon series entitled Thread. Ed asked as he concluded this series: Is your thread wet? Throughout the entire message Ed continued to talk about the power of baptism and then finally made a call for action. As he finished his message he offered an opportunity for anyone who was a Christian and had not been baptized to come forward and get wet.

Wow, it was incredible. I had the honor and privilege to be one of the four pastors who baptized 425 people in our four services in Grapevine. Amazing, completely amazing. What an awesome movement  to witness and be a part of.

Update: When I originally posted, I did not have the campus numbers. Here they are: Plano- 61, Alliance- 19, Uptown- 11. With a grand total of 516. What I did not mention before is that 80+% of the 516 were adults... a great movement!