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iPods at Walmart

Today my wife came home from Walmartand told me that they are going to be selling iPods. Now, you need to know that Walmart is just about my least favorite place to go. I lump it in with Pancho's, Luby's and a disgusting restaurant called Golden Corral. I can not stand it...the lines, the store, the people, yuck! I know, I know I am very high maintenance, but I have come to embrace it.

So, when I heard that Walmart was now carrying iPod's I really didn't know what to think. On one hand, I do think it is a great retail move for Apple. But on the other, I really think it does take some of the cool factor away. You know, I have never seen one of the cool looking people in the iPod sales adds, or the iPod commercials shopping at my local Hickory Creek, Texas Walmart!

By the way, my wife is calling me a if that is what you are thinking then save your words, she has already given me a hard time. What are you thoughts about iPods in Walmart?

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