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Free iPod Shuffle and Mac mini

I have heard over and over about the free iPod give aways online. Inthe past I always discounted them as a scam until tonight. I was reading many websites and blogs that actually received their iPods and even Mac mini's. So, I am trying it. The sites were very simple and yes you do have to sign up for something. I signed up for a $6.95 teeth whitening set for my iPod shuffle, and a Blockbuster Online account for $9.95 for my Mac mini.

Here is the catch, I need to refer people to each of these offers.

I need 3 people for the iPod Shuffle: [click to get a shuffle]
I need 10 people for the Mac mini: [click to get a Mac mini]

If you want a Mac mini or a shuffle hook a brotha up. Click on the links above and make it a great Mother's Day for my wife, she will be the winner of the shuffle and mini.

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